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Teach kids a practical life skill while practicing fine motor skills with this simple Montessori Inspired Window Washing Activity.

Montessori Inspired Window Washing Activity

Young kids love helping out around the house! So why not give them their own window washing supplies and show a real practical life skill?! This is simple Montessori Inspired Window Washing Activity is great for practicing fine motor skills as well as practical life skills. Plus kids enjoy washing…

The LEGO Bug Hotel is a wonderful project for LEGO fans who also love bugs!

LEGO Bug Hotel

Do you have a nature-lover or a bug-obsessed child who also enjoys building with LEGO®? Then this project is for them! Using the bricks and plates that you have, they can build this simple LEGO® Bug Hotel to attract all kinds of bugs and insects in the backyard for observation….

Teaching toddlers and preschoolers to fold towels is a simple practical life skill they can easily learn with a Montessori Inspired Towel Folding Activity.

Montessori Inspired Towel Folding Activity

This summer we are working on adding practical life skills and chores into our daily routines. One way my son helps out around the house is by folding towels. I taught him how to fold towels using this simple Montessori towel folding activity. This post contains affiliate links. Montessori Inspired…

Learning with LEGO: Ant Life Cycle

LEGO Ant Life Cycle

We are kicking of the launch of our new LEGO book The Unofficial Guide to Learning with LEGO with a Learning with LEGO blog series! Each week we will show you fun, hands-on learning activities using LEGO bricks! Since Summer is upon us, it means the ants are out and…

10 Play Dough Fine Motor Activities

10 Play Dough Fine Motor Activities

Kids of all ages love playing with play dough! However it is played with, play dough has many developmental benefits! Play dough is wonderful for sensory play! It is also an amazing material for working on fine motor strengthening and skills with kids! In this post I am sharing ten…

Painted Lady Butterflies_F

Painted Lady Butterfly Art for Kids

Raising Painted Lady Butterflies from tiny caterpillar to fluttering butterfly is a wonderful learning experience for kids of all ages.  We were inspired by the butterflies we raised to paint some beautiful, open-ended Painted Lady Butterfly art! This is a really easy art project for kids to openly express themselves…

The Unofficial Guide to Learning with LEGO is Coming Soon! Pre-order your copy today! Launching July 2016!

Learning with LEGO – Coming Soon!

I grew up building and playing with LEGO bricks with my brother. We really enjoyed collecting the sets and building creatively with the little plastic bricks. When my son was finally old enough to play with LEGO I could not wait to get him his first set and teach him…

Screen-Free Kid-Approved Travel Activities

Kid Approved Travel Activities

Summer is upon us and for many that means family vacations, road trips and weekend getaways! With kids in tow, traveling is complicated by packing things for them to do so you stay sane! So whatever your method of transportation is, here are some kid approved travel activities! This post…

Silly Alphabet Zoom Zip-Line Character

Alphabet Zoom Zip-Line Letters Activity

Alphabet Zoom Zip-Line Letters is a fun way for young kids to practice letter recognition and the sounds they make! When I saw this activity in the new book 100 Fun & Easy Learning Games for Kids by Amanda Boyarshinov and Kim Vij, I knew my five-year old son would…

Top 5 Blogs for New Homeschoolers_IG

Top 5 Blogs for New Homeschoolers

As a mom who is just starting our homeschooling journey I’ve read a lot of blog posts for new homeschoolers. So if you are also new to homeschooling or have a friend who is new to homeschooling, these are my top five homeschool blogs that I recommend all new homeschoolers…

Minecraft Playdough Fine Motor Activity is the easiest activity for kids to practice fine motor skills!

Minecraft Playdough Fine Motor Activity

Know a child who loves Minecraft and playdough? I do! Here is a must-try fine motor activity using Minecraft minifigures. It is a simple Minecraft playdough fine motor activity! They will love it! This post contains affiliate links. Minecraft Playdough Fine Motor Activity Supplies: Assortment of Minecraft Mini Figures Playdough…