11 Creative Halloween Activities For Learning & Play

Are your kids excited about Halloween? Halloween has always been one of my son’s favorite days of the year! So I really like to use this to my advantage by creating fun Halloween themed activities for learning and play! Here are some of our favorite Halloween activities which are great for toddlers and preschoolers!

 Halloween is such a fun time of year! Take advantage of your kid's excitment by working in some learning with these creative halloween activities!

Halloween Dropper Art

This is a fun way to decorate your windows for Halloween! Plus it’s a great way to work on fine motor skills with toddlers and preschoolers!

Halloween Dropper Art

Halloween Threading Activity

Threading is a wonderful way to work on fine motor skills! This Halloween themed threading activity is a great addition to this seasonal theme!

Halloween threading activity

Roll a Shape Jack-o-Lantern Craft

This is Halloween craft is a great way to incorporate learning about shapes with toddlers and preschoolers, while practicing fine motor skills!

Roll a Shape Jack-o-Lantern Craft

Cover a Letter Spider Web Game

This spider web game is a fun addition to a Halloween theme! It incorporates practicing letter recognition with Halloween themed spider webs and spiders!

Spider web alphabet gameHanging Spider Craft

This hanging spider craft is more adorable than spooky, but perfect for Halloween! Crafts like this is a great way work on fine motor skills too!

hanging spider craft

Exploring Pumpkin Guts

This mess-free way for exploring pumpkin guts is perfect for toddlers who put things in their mouths and for kids who might not like the ooey, gooey pumpkin guts seeds and slime!

Pumpkin Guts Sensory Bag

Jack-o-Lantern Sensory Bin

This sensory bin is in a jack-o-lantern! It’s a fun twist for Halloween and it’s great for toddlers!

Jack o lantern sensory bin

Smashing ABC Pumpkins

Smashing ABC pumpkins is a fun and active way for preschoolers to work on letter recognition as well as fine motor skills!

ABC baked cotton ball pumpkins

Decorate Your Pumpkins with Nature

These nature decorated pumpkins are beautiful and an easy way for toddlers and preschoolers to decorate pumpkins for Halloween!

nature decorated pumpkins

Pumpkin Patch Grid Math Game

Preschoolers will love practicing math skills such as one-to-one correspondence and counting with this pumpkin patch math game!

pumpkin patch math game

Pumpkin Pick-up & Counting

Pumpkin Pick-up and counting is a simple activity that will help toddlers learn to count and work on their fine motor skills.

pumpkin pick up and count

Looking for more Halloween themed activities? Check out our Halloween board on Pinterest!

Halloween is such a fun time of year! Take advantage of your kid's excitment by working in some learning with these creative halloween activities!

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