Art Project Inspired by Who’s That Knocking on Christmas Eve?

We’ve read a lot of Christmas stories lately and have been inspired to get creative with simple art projects! Last week we read Who’s That Knocking on Christmas Eve? by Jan Brett and were inspired by the beautiful illustrations to create our own pictures of the Aurora Borealis.

Simple Art Project inspired by Jan Brett's Who's That Knocking on Christmas Eve?

Aurora Borealis Art Project

When I looked at the beautiful illustrations in the book Who’s That Knocking on Christmas Eve? by Jan Brett many of the pages included images of the Aurora Borealis. After reading the silly story about trolls, we looked up videos of the natural phenomena on YouTube and then we sat at the table to create a simple art project posted at Nurture Store.


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Who's That Knocking on Christmas Eve? Aurora Borealis art project

How to Create this simple art project:

I love simple, open-ended, process art projects that do not use a lot of supplies or time to set up. This is one of those projects! The first step is to color on the paper with the neon crayons the shapes and swirls created in the night sky by the Aurora Borealis. Then paint over the crayon with dark-colored watercolor paints and let it dry. That’s it! This is called the crayon resist technique. It creates amazingly vibrant colors!

Crayon Resist Aurora Borealis

We loved this silly Christmas story and this simple art project! Even my son who has little patience or interest in creating art sometimes!

Who's That Knocking on Christmas Eve Art

Have you read any great Christmas books this holiday season? I’m always looking for new books to add to our collection! Please share in the comments below!




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