Awesome Science YouTube Channels for Kids

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Many times Caden will start asking questions about a topic, usually about animals and after I share with him what I know about that particular animal, we will search YouTube for cool videos that feature the animal to get more information. Since Caden is a visual learner watching videos is an awesome way to get him interested in a topic! While browsing YouTube I’ve come across some pretty awesome science channels that are great for all ages of kids! Most of these channels I haven’t heard of before stumbling across them, so I thought I’d share them with you all! So whether you have a young child interested in animals or an older school-aged kid I think you’ll find some awesome science YouTube channels below!

There are so many Awesome Science YouTube channels out there for kids! Here is just a selection of cool channels we have come across! |STEM Saturday at Stir the Wonder

Awesome Science YouTube Channels for Kids

SciShow– This channel has many family friendly short videos covering a variety of science topics, including news, history and concepts. 

SciShow Space – From the producers of the SciShow, this channel features short videos covering a range of topics related to space, including astronomy and cosmology. 

MinuteEarth – This channel features cool, little animated videos that cover many science topics related to the Earth, such as animals, the human body, plants and geology. 

Minute Physics– From the makers of MinuteEarth, this channel features short videos in the same animate style, that is obviously about physics, hence the name.  

BlueWorldTV– We came across this channel through a search for sea snakes. This channel is by the underwater cinematographer Jonathan Bird, and features awesome videos on sea life, including sharks, whales and other sea creatures! 

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Breaking Trail– This is another great channel about animals. We came across it in a search for tarantula videos. It features awesome short videos hosted by the adventurer and animal enthusiast Coyote Peterson. These videos are mostly about North American wildlife. 

The Brain Scoop– This cool channel features videos hosted by Emily of The Field Museum in Chicago. The short videos cover a range of topics including space, fossils, dinosaurs and other animals found around the world! 

HooplaKidzLab– A fun channel for kids that shares science demonstrations!

SciShow Kids– This channel answers the “why?” question about tons of topics! They share experiments, interviews with science experts and research on all the things kids are curious about!

Crash Course Kids– An awesome science channel for kids covering fun topics such as space science, Earth science, and engineering. Most of these videos are geared towards 5th grade science.

The YouTube channels I’ve shares are just a select few that I’ve found. There are many other great science channels on YouTube. What Do We Do All Day? has shared 8 Science YouTube Channels for Kids that includes a couple featured above and some other really great options! 


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