Best Hands-on Science Activities for Preschoolers from 2015

Looking for some awesome science activities to do with your preschooler? Over the past year my preschooler and I have really enjoyed some fun experiments and science lessons! Here are the Best Hands-on Science Activities for Preschoolers from 2015!

Best Hands-on Science Activities for Preschoolers

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Best Science Activities of 2015

Hands-on Solar System for Preschoolers

These homemade planet window clings are an awesome way for kids to get hands-on with the solar system! They can use these to learn to identify the planets and their order in space in relation to the sun.

Hands-on Solar System Window Clings

Fishing with Magnets

Fishing with Magnets is a simple activity to set up and let your preschooler explore what is magnetic and what is not in a fun and playful way!

Fishing with Magnets Hands-on Science for Preschoolers

Nature Exploration Kit

Put together a simple Nature Exploration Kit for your preschooler filled with tools and resources to help your child learn all about the natural world around them. They can use this kit to explore the backyard or when on a nature walk.

Nature Exploration Kit for Kids

Mini Ecosystem for Nature Observation

Preschoolers love to collect little critters on their outdoor excursions, so you’ll need a place to hold them for observation. This Mini Ecosystem does just the trick!

Mini Ecosystem for Nature Observation with Kids

Inspecting Pond Water

Inspecting Pond Water is a great hands-on science activity for preschoolers to do during the warmer months. There are many things kids will love to discover and take a closer look at that lives in pond water.

Inspecting Pond Water

Ant Life Cycle Sensory Bin

Preschoolers will love digging in this simple sensory bin and learning about the life cycle of ants! Check out this fun sensory bin we did for Enchanted Homeschooling Mom!

Ant Life Cycle Sensory Bin

Summer STEM Science Activities

Experiment with the Changing Shape of Water

This simple to set up experiments allows preschoolers to explore how water changes shape in different containers.

Experiment with the Changing Shape of Water

Tornado Science Activity

Kids are fascinated by the weather, the wilder the better! We paired this tornado science activity with a great children’s book for a well-rounded, hands-on lesson!

Tornado in a Bottle Science Activity | Stir the Wonder

Candy Catapult: Measuring Distance

Make a simple catapult using craft sticks and have fun firing candy as far as possible! Then kids can learn about measurement and counting with a tape measure or ruler!

Candy Catapult: Measuring Distance

Awesome Science YouTube Channels for Kids

This newly updated list of YouTube Science Channels will help you answer any questions your kids my ask or inspire interest and learning about any science topic!

There are so many Awesome Science YouTube channels out there for kids! Here is just a selection of cool channels we have come across! |STEM Saturday at Stir the Wonder

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