What Can the Wind Do?

Welcome to the Saturday Science Blog Hop! This week the hop is co-hosted by Little Bins for Little HandsP is for Preschooler, and Lemon Lime Adventures and yours truly!

This week we have some big changes for our little blog hop! We have decided to add a linky to the bottom so you too can share your best science posts! And I’ll try my best to share and pin them to one of my science boards on Pinterest! We also have two new co-hosts joining us this week! Caitlyn from Suzy Homeschooler writes about fun ideas for raising well-rounded geeklings! And Kara from The Joys of Boys writes for moms of boys including science projects and crafts for boys. 

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We are finally getting into our Wind Science Unit over here at the Saturday Science Blog Hop! I’ve been sharing our other wind themed posts throughout the week while we finished up our Sink or Float Preschool Science Unit.

This “What Can the Wind Do?” lesson from Science is Simple by Peggy Ashbrook takes very little planning and no materials. In fact you’ve probably already done this before and just didn’t think of it as a science lesson. Caden and I do this naturally almost every time we go outside. We look up at the sky and watch how the wind moves the clouds. Sometimes we notice the clouds are moving slowly, other times such as right before or after it rains we notice the clouds are moving fast. 

what does wind do 2

Sometimes we lie down on the deck or even the ground and look up at the sky watching the clouds move and look for animals in the clouds! You can also see other neat things when you take the time to stop moving and look up at the sky, such as all kinds of birds and airplanes! 

And now it’s time for the Saturday Science Blog Hop & Linky!

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Rainbow Milk from The Joys of Boys

Surface Tension from Suzy Homeschooler

Saturday Science Pinterest

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2 thoughts on “What Can the Wind Do?”

  1. Ashley Moore says:

    Such a relaxing way to study science!

  2. Wind fascinates me – and there are so many fun ways to study it!

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