Experimenting with the Changing Shape of Water

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It’s been a while since I posted a new science activity, but recently we visited the SEE Science Center in Manchester, New Hampshire and I picked up a this awesome Usborne Book of Science Activities Volume One. It is filled with all kinds of fun science activities for kids! Volume One focuses on water, magnets, light and mirrors! We can’t wait to have fun exploring those science concepts! This week we experimented with the changing shape of water!

Experimenting with the Changing Shape of Water| Preschoolers will love this simple science activity which explores the properties of water and volume!

Experimenting with the Changing Shape of Water

For this activity you’ll need:

  • Pitcher of water (coloring optional)
  • Glass bowls, vases and jars of various sizes and shapes
  • Funnel
  • Science notebook

Experimenting with the changing shape of water

We did this activity two times. The first time I let Caden lead the experiment. We looked at how the water changed it’s shape when poured on a flat surface, but he mostly enjoyed pouring the water into the various glass vases and jars that I provided.

experimenting with the changing shape of water

By letting Caden lead the experiment the first time, I am allowing him time to learn through play. While playing with the water as he learns about being careful while pouring the water, when to stop before the water overflows and the general properties of water. 

experimenting with the changing properties of water

Later that day, we did the experiment again but I directed more. We measured out the water in the large mason jar and then poured water into each glass vase. This way we can see what the same amount of water looks like in each container. Then I had Caden record his observations in his science notebook. The first page in his notebook is his picture of what the water looks like on a flat surface. For the second page I drew the glass containers and asked Caden to draw the water line. The idea of a science notebook is new for Caden, so it is still a work in progress. But I figure any little bit of writing or drawing will help improve his fine motor skills.

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