Fine Motor Clothesline Activity

Happy Fine Motor Friday! I’m back to co-hosting and I’m excited to share fun activities for toddlers and preschoolers that help build fine motor skills every Friday. At the end of this post you will find links for more great fine motor activities from my co-hosts. Be sure to check them out!

Last week I wrote about the results of our water sensory bin challenge which led to this fine motor clothesline activity! We are by no means the creators of this activity, I’m sure it’s been around since the invention of clothespins! But what I love about this activity is that it developed naturally during child-led play!

Fine Motor Clothesline Activity | Stir the Wonder #finemotorfridays #kbn #childledplay

As Caden was engaged in water play, he decided he needed to wash some clothes, so I gave him some clean towels to wash in his water table. The act of washing clothes by hand with all that squeezing and sloshing around is a great fine motor activity and really fun for preschoolers!


Then of course once all the clothes are washed, the excess water must be wrung out by strong little hands! And then hung up on a clothes line, and secured with some clothespins to dry. This is a skill that takes some practice to master as I’m sure our grandmothers could tell us.


The great thing about this activity, is that it is relatively easy to set up and not really messy since it can be done outside! Plus toddlers and preschoolers love it and will want to do it over and over again, strengthening their hands and mastering the skills over time while having fun!

Happy Fine Motor Friday!

Fine Motor Fridays

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3 thoughts on “Fine Motor Clothesline Activity”

  1. I sometimes have to hang clothes on a washing line at my mother’s house – I am totally hopeless at it! It’s definitely a skill! 🙂

  2. Ashley Moore says:

    He looks like he is having so much fun! My kids like hanging clothes out, but it is more because they want to run under the clothesline through them! lol

  3. Kat Reader says:

    This is definitely excellent fine motor play (with some life skills thrown in!). I think even my 8-year olds would find this fun … anything that involves water “play” is a winner 🙂

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