Gold, Silver and Bronze Sensory Bin

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Gold, Silver & Bronze Sensory Bin {Hands-On Play Party} | Stir the Wonder #kbn #handsonplay #sensory #olympics

I thought of this  Gold, Silver and Bronze Sensory bin as a fun and hands-on way to learn about the colors of the Olympic metals. To create this sensory bin I used gold and silver flecks of glitter that I picked up at a craft store when Christmas decor was on sale. Then I added some gold and silver jingle bells and some gold, silver and bronze star ornaments that I picked up at Target after the Christmas season. I picked them up with the sensory bin in mind and have saved them ever since. 🙂 


This is a really simple sensory bin to put together. I just dumped all the gold, silver and bronze items into a medium-sized bin and then added a funnel, some scoops and a spoon. Later I added the ice cube tray as a way to sort the gold, silver and bronze star ornaments. I also added the kids’ tweezers with the idea to work on some fine motor skills while sorting the colors. 


But as it happens, Caden wasn’t interested in sorting the colors or using the tweezers. And unfortunately the funnel wasn’t working well with the large flecks of gold and silver glitter. But what Caden does like to do is throw the glitter at me and watch it float to the floor! So, it being a snowy day outside, we did what only housebound people with a three-year old would do and had a glitter fight! 

glitter fight

We had fun throwing glitter at each other for a bit, laughing and giggling the whole time! It made a huge sparkly mess all over the basement, but it was nothing a little vacuuming couldn’t handle! I do have one warning about having a glitter fight, keep your mouth closed! Caden can attest to this! 


Does it make me a bad mom if I laugh and snap pictures while my child tries to spit glitter out of his mouth? hahaha! 😀

Gold, Silver & Bronze Sensory Bin {Hands-On Play Party} | Stir the Wonder #kbn #handsonplay #sensory

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Hands-On Play Party | Stir the Wonder

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My Life of Travels And Adventures has also put together a really neat tutorial on how to make your own latch boards! Toddlers love to playing with locks and latches and this is a safe way for them to explore and learn! Caden would have loved this when he was younger!


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3 thoughts on “Gold, Silver and Bronze Sensory Bin”

  1. Glitter fight – love it! That must have made for a sparkly mess! 🙂 But yes, always best to keep your mouth closed for things like that – looks like that lesson was learned though!

  2. Renae says:

    Hooray for letting them play in the sensory bin! Despite the mess, is there a better way to teach that A) learning is fun and B) glitter doesn’t taste good? 😉 Great work.


  3. I love this! How fun to relate it to the Olympics. And if it makes you feel better about your picture of your son eating the glitter… I got an email from grandma that I was torturing my daughter with the snow 🙁

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