Gone Mudding! Clean Mud Sensory Dough Play

Welcome to month three of the 12 Months of Sensory Doughs blog hop hosted by Lemon Lime Adventures! Each month on the 12th a group of creative bloggers will share unique ways to play with different sensory doughs. I’ll be focused on keeping these sensory doughs simple by using a few everyday items or toys for play. I also may include children’s books to inspire learning and creativity.

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Gone Mudding! Clean Mud Sensory Play | Stir the Wonder

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Clean Mud Sensory Play

This month’s sensory dough is clean mud! Clean mud isn’t exactly clean, but what sensory play activity isn’t messy?! The neat thing about this sensory dough is that it uses soap, so it is really easy to clean up! To make clean up all you need is a bar of soap, a roll of toilet paper, a grater and water!

Clean Mud Supplies

To make clean mud is so simple your kids will love to help! First you need to shred the toilet paper into pieces. I found this to be the most tedious job and Caden wasn’t shockingly not really into helping me. Who knew it would take so long to shred a single roll of toilet paper? Hopefully you will have some willing participants to help you.

Tearing TP

Next you’ll need to grade the bar of soap. This was a much quicker job and Caden enjoyed helping!

Grading the soap

Once the toilet paper was all shredded and the bar of soap grated, we then mixed it up with water in a bin. I added some brown tempera paint to give it a muddy color.

Gone Mudding! Sensory Play

I set up the muddy clean mud outside in a boot tray and added some monster trucks and off-roading vehicles so Caden could drive them through the mud! This is a very relevant activity for us this Spring, as our dirt road is full of mud and bumps!

Gone Mudding! Sensory Play 2

Some fun books to go with Gone Mudding! Clean Mud Sensory Play:



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One thought on “Gone Mudding! Clean Mud Sensory Dough Play”

  1. This is great idea! Very thoughtful! My kids love to play in mud like all kids but I can’t stand the muddy clothes that I have to wash and the muddy foot prints and finger prints that I have to clean up. I’d love to try this idea! I am happy that this mixture is clean because the real mud is full with bacteria and it might be dangerous for the kids to play with it. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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