Grape Kool-Aid Scented Play Dough

Welcome to month two of the 12 Months of Sensory Doughs blog hop hosted by Lemon Lime Adventures! Each month on the 12th a group of creative bloggers will share unique ways to play with different sensory doughs. I’ll be focused on keeping these sensory doughs simple by using a few everyday items or toys for play. I also may include children’s books to inspire learning and creativity.

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Kool-Aid is a fun way to dye play dough and also make it scented! For this months sensory dough we made Grape Kool-Aid Scented Play Dough and played with heart shaped cookie cutters and molds! | 12 Months of Sensory Doughs at Stir the Wonder

Grape Scented Play Dough

This month’s sensory dough is scented dough! There are many ways to create a scented dough but Kool-Aid is a fun way to dye play dough and make it scented! For this months sensory dough we kept it simple and made Grape Kool-Aid Scented Play Dough! To make this scented play dough, I just mixed up our favorite play dough recipe and added a squirt of this liquid Kool-Aid. It smelled grape-alicious! 

grape scented dough 2

Caden enjoyed helping to make the play dough and started playing with it as soon as it was all mixed up! I got out some of our Valentine cookie cutters and mold as we played together for a good part of the morning with it!

grape scented dough 1

Caden loved making a “collection” of hearts in various sizes and shapes. We also played with making hearts from a mold and rolling “snakes” into heart shapes! 

grape hearts

Some fun books to pair with Grape Kool-Aid Scented Play Dough:


Grape Kool-Aid Scented Play Dough | Stir the Wonder

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    He is an adorable helper. I bet the dough smelled great.

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