How to Set up a Fall Kinetic Sand Writing Tray

Looking for a way to inspire your students to practice fine motor skills this Fall? Create a Fall Kinetic Sand Writing Tray! It will fit perfectly into your fall themed lesson plans and help young learners practice fine motor and letter formation skills!

The Fall Kinetic Sand Writing tray will fit perfectly into your fall themed plans and inspire young learners to practice fine motor and handwriting skills!

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Fall Kinetic Sand Writing Tray


fall kinetic sand writing tray with alphabet leaves

How to Set Up:

To set up a Fall Kinetic Sand Writing Tray dump a package of kinetic sand into the tray and spread it out. I used the bronze kinetic sand for a more autumnal feel. Kids can also do this for tactile sensory input.

Place some acorns in the tray as decoration. Then use a permanent marker to write some letters or sight words on silk fall leaves. This is a great way to create a little word wall or a visual way to show students the letters or words they should practice.

Include a little stick with the kinetic sand tray and invite your child to come practice their handwriting. If using a stick is too difficult try using a pointed stick or sharpened pencil.

fall kinetic sand writing tray for fine motor practice

Benefits of a Kinetic Sand Writing Tray

Kinetic sand is different from loose sand. It is heavier and easily molded into shapes, kind of like clay. Kinetic sand is a great sensory material for proprioceptive input of the hands and fingers. Playing with it provides many benefits to children. One of those benefits is when kids practice writing in it.  When used for writing kinetic sand provides some resistance that may help students get more of a feel for the letters they are writing. The resistance of the kinetic sand may also make it easier for kids who press too hard or too soft when writing learn to adjust their pencil pressure. Here is a great post from Sugar Aunts that provides more information about proprioception and handwriting.

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  1. Emma says:

    A kinetic sand tray is a great idea for fine motor skills. Might have to try this with spelling words!

  2. Georgina says:

    We’ve never tried kinetic sand, this looks like fun!

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