Icicle Garland Watercolor Drip Painted Craft for Kids

We love winter around here with all its sparkling beauty! This simple Icicle Garland winter craft is a great way to get your kids involved in decorating your home or classroom for winter! Plus there are many lessons on art, science and fine motor skills that can be built into this craft activity!

Kids will enjoy creating this Icicle Garland to help you decorate your home or classroom for winter!

Icicle Garland Winter Craft for Kids

Kids will enjoy creating this Icicle Garland to help you decorate your home or classroom for winter! All you need are a few basic art and craft supplies and your kids will be on their way learning all about color mixing, water absorption and working on fine motor skills crucial for handwriting!

Supplies Needed:

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watercolor drip painting icicle garland craft for kids

How to Create an Icicle Garland:

To make an Icicle Garland is very simple but takes a few steps with some time in between. This would be a great project to work on for a two to three days depending on the ages of the children in your home or classroom.

The first step is to paint the paper towels with shades of blue watercolor paint. We used our homemade watercolor paint recipe to create the shades of blue that we wanted to use. Then we used pipettes to drop the watercolor paint on the paper towels. This method of painting is fun and creates a tie-dye look that makes great suncatchers! When you have enough painted paper towels, set them aside to dry.

cutting icicle garland fine motor craft for kids

Once the painted paper towels have dried, they are ready to be cut into triangular-shaped icicles! This is a wonderful way for young kids to practice their cutting skills because the icicle shapes do not need to be perfect at all! Icicles come in all shapes and sizes, so as long as the paper towels are cut with a wide end and a narrow end they will be just fine for hanging!

hanging icicle garland

After cutting the paper towels into icicles, kids can use a hole puncher to punch two holes in the wide end of the icicles. Then string up the icicles with yarn to create a garland to hang in your home or classroom! This is a great creative project for working on fine motor skills, discussing water absorption, color mixing and more! Where are you going to hang your icicle garland?

Icicle Garland Winter Craft for Kids

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