Introducing 99 Fine Motor Ideas the Book

Happy Fine Motor Friday! This is a special Fine Motor Friday because we are launching our new book! Yes, you read that right! We have published a book full of all our best fine motor activities! In 99 Fine Motor Ideas for Ages 1 to 5 you will find ideas for busy bags, practical life skills, early learning activities, arts and crafts plus more! It’s a one-stop resource for parents, early childhood educators, and care givers! 99 Fine Motor Ideas for Ages 1 to 5 is available for purchase as an e-book, for the Kindle and in paperback! You can purchase the e-book version HERE at a special introductory price of $6.99 for two weeks only! Use code FMF2 for $2 off now through October 31st!


What’s so great about this book is that most of the activities use items you probably already have around the home and they can be adjusted to fit the needs of your children! If an activity calls for the use of tweezers or tongs, younger children can just use their fingers and still get a great fine motor work out! For older children, adding early learning academics can make an activity more challenging while still encouraging fine motor skills! Introducing 99 Fine Motor Ideas the BOOK! and How to Adapt the Activities to Fit Your Needs | Stir the Wonder #kbn #finemotor #preschool

For example, I’ve taken a simple activity written for the book by Sarah of Little Bins for Little Hands and made it more challenging for Caden by incorporating alphabet sorting.

Play Dough Alphabet Search & Sort

Play Dough Alphabet Search & Sort, adapted from 99 Fine Motor Ideas for Ages 1 to 5 | Stir the Wonder #finemotorfriday #finemotor #preschool

The Play Dough Alphabet Search & Sort is a really simple activity to set up. All you need is a big ball of play dough and about six small objects that represents the two letters of the alphabet you are focusing on, and some fine motor tools.

playdough search1.1

We chose to focus on the letters ‘Cc’ and ‘Dd’. I used the small objects from our DIY Mini Montessori Alphabet Box and folded them into the play dough, and rounded it into a ball. I set the tray up with one compartment for letter ‘C’ objects, and another for letter ‘D’ objects with a spoon and tweezers in the middle for Caden to use as he searched the play dough for objects.

playdough search3

Caden used both of the fine motor tools I provided him, but mainly enjoyed digging into the play dough with his fingers! He loved searching though the play dough to see what treasures he could find! I sat nearby (snapping pictures of course) and talking with him about the objects he found, asking him what sounds they start with and guiding him to sort the objects into the ‘C’ tray or the ‘D’ tray.

playdough search2

Mostly Caden just had fun playing with the dough and the objects, making up stories as he played. No matter how you organize this activity it will still be an enriching experience for your child, full of imagination, learning and fine motor skills!


Our NEW 99 Fine Motor Ideas for Ages 1 to 5 is full of all types of enriching fine motor activities that your kids will love! And you will love them too because they are simple to set up and use everyday items you probably have around the house! Each activity includes full color photos, a materials list and step-by-step instructions. It’s a fantastic resource for parents, educators, and caretakers!

Launch price on the eBook is $6.99 for two weeks only, then $8.99, so buy now!!

You can buy the eBook anywhere in the world! PayPal handles currency conversion. The Kindle and Print book are available to anyone who can shop Amazon. *Prices on Amazon are subject to change.

Kindle Price $8.99

Paperback Price $18.99

Happy Fine Motor Friday!

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