Milk Color Explosion

The milk color explosion science experiment is a fun and simple demonstration to do with kids of all ages! It’s awesome because it isn’t messy and you probably already have the supplies needed in your kitchen!

Milk Color Explosion {Saturday Science} | Stir the Wonder #kbn #science #preschool

Milk Color Explosion Science Experiment


  • whole milk or cream
  • food coloring
  • plate or other shallow dish

We needed something fun to do yesterday afternoon and Grandma had seen this activity on her Facebook news feed and suggested that we give it a try. So after a quick run to the store for supplies we did this classic milk color explosion science experiment three times! For directions look at Steve Spangler Science, they even have a cool video!

Milk Color Explosion: Take 1 {Saturday Science} | Stir the Wonder

The first time we did this experiment, Caden decided it would be funny to not listen to me and shake the plate and mix up the food coloring. I also let Caden place the cotton swab into the plate of milk, but he ended up using it to mix up the colors instead. Needless to say the experiment was kind of a dud. It is important that you don’t mix up the colors before doing the experiment, so we tried it again.

milk 5

The next time, I controlled the cotton swab and put the drops of food coloring closer together. We were very careful not to move the plate and mix up the colors.

Milk Color Explosion: Take 2 {Saturday Science} | Stir the Wonder

We got a much more exciting reaction! It was so cool to see the milk explode with color like that!

milk 7

Afterwards I let Caden explore the milk and food coloring with a cotton swab. He enjoyed mixing up all the colors! This was a good experiment for right before dinner time as it is very quick and easy to set up!

milk 10

This milk color explosion experiment was so neat that we just had to show Daddy when he came home from work!

Milk Color Explosion: Take 3 {Saturday Science} | Stir the Wonder

This was the best milk color explosion yet! Their reactions to the experiment are my favorite part!

milk 8

Then of course they both wanted to play with the cotton swabs in the milk and food coloring!

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10 thoughts on “Milk Color Explosion”

  1. We did this experiment for the first time this week and it is so cool! I love Caden’s reaction – for ours, I was more impressed than Kay was! 😉

  2. That is so cool! D, 6, is hanging over my shoulder asking to try it right now!

  3. Can you believe I have never done this! Looks so fun!

  4. Pam Soper says:

    Love the faces and the project looked like fun! Love, MaGas’. ( not grandma!). =D

  5. Ashley Moore says:

    We loving making color explosions in milk. It is kind of like baking soda and vinegar; it just never gets old!

  6. Jill says:

    This is a neat experiment for youngsters. I think I will even try this with my older children too 🙂

  7. I just recently saw a Facebook video of this and had mentioned to the boys I wanted to try it with them! I love that you let him learn from doing it his own way first and then by following the directions. And the picture of him and daddy when the colors exploded is priceless. Thanks for sharing!

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