Montessori Inspired Learning Activities You Can Make

Are you intrigued by the Montessori method of learning and teaching? Are you looking for some simple Montessori inspired activities to include in your homeschool or classroom? In this post I have rounded up all our D.I.Y. Montessori inspired activities that we have used in our home over the years.

These simple Montessori Inspired learning activities will help you teach toddlers practical life skills, fine motor skills as well as learn to read!

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Montessori Inspired Learning Activities You Can Make

I’ve always been drawn to the Montessori method of teaching, but it is so expensive to get started with the materials, especially if you are not teaching in a Montessori classroom. So I’ve made many of our own learning materials which are perfect for using at home.

Montessori Inspired Dressing Boards

The first Montessori inspired activity I made was a super simple set of dressing frames or boards. I made these when my son was a toddler. The purpose of dressing frames is to help young children learn how to work buttons, snaps and zippers so they can dress themselves. They are a great way to work on fine motor and practical life skills.

These Montessori Inspired Dressing Boards couldn't be easier to make!

Montessori Alphabet Box

I’ve always loved the Montessori alphabet boxes I’ve seen online, so I decided to make our own mini version. These boxes of letter objects are a wonderful, hands-on way to teach preschoolers the alphabet and letter sounds. And there are many games you can play with them to make learning fun!


The Montessori method of teaching children is particularly good for teaching kids practical life skills. These are skills that they will need in their everyday life as they get older and into adulthood. The next two activities I’ve set up are practical life activities for beginners. These activities are commonly taught to toddlers, but can be used to teach older children as well.

Montessori Inspired Towel Folding Activity

The Montessori method takes advantage of the toddler years when little hands are always eager to help! With this activity young children are provided with an engaging way to practice folding towels whenever they want to and keeps them from getting into the laundry you have just folded! Eventually toddlers can be taught to help with folding the laundry and who doesn’t want help with that chore?!

Montessori Inspired Towel Folding Practical Life Activity for preschoolers

Montessori Inspired Window Washing Activity

Window washing is another practical life skills activity that is perfect for beginners, especially helpful toddlers. The premise of the Montessori method is to provide materials for children to use whenever the mood strikes them! This simple basket set up allows toddlers to help clean the windows in a safe way while learning an everyday skill, plus getting a fine motor workout.

Window Washing 2

For more wonderful Montessori Inspired Activities check out our board on Pinterest!

Montessori Inspired Learning Actitivies

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