Native American Small World for Hands-on History

Looking for a hands-on way to introduce early American history to your children? A simple small world sensory bin is a fun, play-based way to begin. This year I wanted to begin to introduce history to my kindergartener, so I created this simple Native American Small World for him to play with. This is the first post in a new series all about introducing history with small world sensory bins. Introduce early American history in a hands-on way with a simple Native American Small World! This is perfect for Kindergarteners who are just starting to understand history!

Native American Small World

November with all its emphasis on the pilgrims is the perfect month to introduce the early history of Native Americans to young learners. A wonderful way to do this with children is to create a small world for them to play with while you read great books all about Native Americans.


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Native American kinetic sand small world sensory bin

How to Set Up:

This is a very easy small world sensory bin to set up. Simple spread out your sensory bin filler in the bin. I’m all about using kinetic sand lately. It’s perfect because it doesn’t get too messy and helps the small figurines stand up and stay in place. Plus is has a neat texture!

Then you or your child can arrange the Native American figurines in the tray to play with and explore while you read some awesome books about Native American history!

Native American Small World for Hands-on History

The first book about Native Americans I decided to read aloud to my child was The Very First Americans. It gives a simple overview on how the indigenous people arrived in North America and how the different tribes lived.

While playing and listening to the book my five-year old son asked many questions.

  • Why aren’t they wearing many clothes?
  • What is the animal skin for?
  • What is this log for?

I was so glad to see his interest in learning about history and tried my best to answer his question. When I didn’t know the answers to his questions, we looked them up in other books or online! This is what is so amazing about homeschooling, the ability to learn along side my son!

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