Painted Lady Butterfly Art for Kids

Raising Painted Lady Butterflies from tiny caterpillar to fluttering butterfly is a wonderful learning experience for kids of all ages.  We were inspired by the butterflies we raised to paint some beautiful, open-ended Painted Lady Butterfly art! This is a really easy art project for kids to openly express themselves and solidify their learning about butterflies through paint.

Get inspired by butterflies to create some open-ended Painted Lady Butterfly Art for Kids.

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Painted Lady Butterfly Art for Kids

Supplies Needed:

painted lady butterfly art supplies

How to Prep:

To prepare this art activity for kids, you will first need to cut out a butterfly shape from a piece of paper. I googled butterfly templates and modified to look more like the Painted Lady Butterfly.

Once you have the butterflies cut out, set out the paints and brushes on your art table and invite the children to paint a Painted Lady Butterfly or their interpretation of it.

Child painting butterfly

Some kids enjoy painting and won’t stop until all the paint is gone. Others only dabble with the paint and quickly lose interest. For my son, painting can be hit or miss. But I will continue to set up art projects for him because you never know when something will catch his interest!

For this project, I set out a figurine of a Painted Lady Butterfly as inspiration and encouraged my son to cover his paper butterfly with paint. He painted until he was satisfied and that was that.

I also painted a butterfly to encourage him to continue painting and enjoyed painting long after he had lost interest. I love both of our painted butterflies!

Painted Lady Butterfly Art for Kids

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