Practicing Fine Motor Skills with Classic Games

Happy Fine Motor Friday! My co-hosts (LalymomCraftulateSchool Time SnippetsLittle Bins for Little HandsP is for Preschooler, RacheousStill Playing SchoolHouse of Burke and Powerful Mothering) and I are excited to share fun activities for toddlers and preschoolers that help build fine motor skills every Friday. At the end of this post you will find links for more great fine motor activities from my co-hosts. Be sure to check them out!

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My parents have a collection of classic games made of wood that Caden loves to play with! So one afternoon while we were there I set some up at the dining room table for Caden to play with. Now Caden doesn’t really play with games according to the rules, but what he does do with them is practice his fine motor skills.

classic games5

One of the games Caden likes to play with is this little marbles tic-tac-toe set. This set is great for working on the pincher grasp as well has hand-eye coordination. Caden enjoys opening the box and emptying out all the marbles and then placing them on the tic-tac-toe board. But he favorite thing to do with this set is put the marbles one by one back in the container and closing the little door. (As always, Caden is closely supervised when playing with small objects.)


Another game that Caden really likes playing with is the wooden peg game made by my grandfather many years ago. It’s a simple wooden disc with holes drilled into it and small wooden pegs that fit into the holes. 

classic games3

The idea of the game is to remove as many pegs as you can by jumping them. Obviously Caden doesn’t play with it that way. He likes to dump out all the pegs (usually all over the floor) and put the pegs back in one by one. This game is also great for practicing the pincher grasp and precision hand-eye coordination.


Other classic games that would be great for practicing fine motor skills include chess and checkers. My parents have a great wooden chess/checkers set that Caden loves to play with. He usually just takes the chess pieces out and stands them up on the board and asks what the pieces are called. This would also make a great sorting game by color or by type.

classic games1

Happy Fine Motor Friday!

Fine Motor Fridays

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5 thoughts on “Practicing Fine Motor Skills with Classic Games”

  1. What a cool set of games! I think my daughter would like playing the peg one and my son would even enjoy doing the pegs! So cool!

  2. That’s lovely that he enjoys playing with a game that his grandfather made!

  3. Ha! mine also dumps all the pegs out for playing. I think I need to invest in a chess board sometime.

  4. What a pretty set of games! They seem irresistible!

  5. Wow! Those games are so nice! Good thinking of your parents to save them for you guys to enjoy! And wonderful ways to sneak in some fine motor skills practice!

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