Process Art Challenge with Bug Stamps

I’m always trying to think of fun and easy activities to set up for my son. This month for the Process Art Challenge, I set out some ink pads and bug stamps to let him create with this simple art medium.

A simple process art activity for toddlers and preschoolers using cute bug stamps!

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Supplies for Bug Stamp Process Art

supplies for stamp art

How to Set Up:

  1. Roll out some paper to cover your art surface and tape down the ends to hold the paper in place.
  2. Set out some ink pads and stamps.
  3. Invite children to get creative!

Stamping bugs process art challenge

Tips for Stamping

  • If the stamp pad is a little dry or empty, use a little tempera paint! Squeeze it all over the ink pad and then spread it out with a sponge brush to even out the paint.
  • Show the kids how to use the stamps and get a good amount of paint on the entire stamp.

Bug Stamped Process Art for kids

Not only is stamping an easy activity to set up and for kids to get creative with on their own, it also involves holding small objects just so and pressing with the fingers which is great for working on fine motor skills and strengthening.

Process Art Challenge

The Process Art Challenge was started to challenge parents to provide different art materials to their children for free creative exploration. Process Art is about the process and not about the product.

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Process Art Challenge- providing more opportunities for our kids to explore the process of art using different techniques and mediums!

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  1. Emma says:

    Those stamps are adorable! Love the big paper – so perfect for process art!

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