Puffy Paint Experiment from the New STEAM Kids Book

Are you looking for fun process art or STEAM activities to help reinforce alphabet recognition or letter sounds?  The 3-D Puffy Paint Experiment from the new STEAM Kids book is a fun & messy activity that is a fantastic way to reinforce the letter ‘P’. We chose this activity as part of our review on this amazing new book you’ll want to add to your home library!

The Puffy Paint Experiment from the new STEAM Kids book is a fun & messy activity that would be a fun way to reinforce the letter 'P'.

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Puffy Paint Experiment for Kids

Disclaimer: I received an electronic copy of STEAM Kids (e-book version) in exchange for an honest review. All opinions in this post are my own.

Puffy Paint Experiment

This STEAM activity is very simple to do and uses basic kitchen supplies, plus a microwave! For complete instructions you’ll have to get the book! But basically you and your kids will mix up two or more puffy paint recipes, create designs using the puffy paint on paper plates and compare what happens when they are microwaved!

Side by Side comparison of Puffy Paint Experiment

This activity kids is a great way for kids to learn or practice the scientific method (question, research, hypothesize, test, analyze and report) and engage in process art! The puffy paint experiment can also be a fun way for younger kids to reinforce the letter ‘P’ and /p/ sound as mentioned above.

More about the New STEAM Kids Book!

STEAM Kids is available in the following formats:

e-book: $14.99 (33% off for launch)
Print on Amazon: $24.99

Plus, there’s a special launch week bonus book that I am really excited about STEAM Kids: Halloween! It’s 50 pages of hands-on Halloween fun! It’s a $5 value that will also be for sale after 9/21!

STEAM Kids: Halloween

So what are you waiting for? Order your copies today for a years worth of STEAM fun!

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  1. Rita Hudson says:

    The book looks amazing, I teach at a title one elementary school and we just received our stem certification last year, now we want to add arts into it. This book looks like a way to do that!

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