Simple Addition Activity with Korxx Blocks

Are you looking for a fun, all natural and eco-friendly toy to give to a child that promotes play and learning? Today I’m excited to share with you these fun cork building blocks called KORXX! Plus a simple addition activity with KORXX blocks that kids will love!

Kids will have fun practicing simple addition with KORXX blocks! #sponsored @KORXX

About KORXX Blocks

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KORXX blocks are amazing! They are made from responsibly harvested, high quality cork. Cork is a natural material, free from harmful chemicals.  These blocks are soft and quiet which means no loud banging noises and no dings or dents on your floors, tables or walls! The natural texture of these cork blocks allow them to be easily stacked without slippage. This is a great feature for kids who struggle with fine motor skills. It really cuts down on frustration and allows kids of all ages and abilities to have fun!

KORXX Limbo cork blocks #sponsored

Simple Addition Activity with KORXX Blocks

The shape of these KORXX Limbo cork blocks are great for stacking into creative towers! On their own they are a lot of fun, but I thought I’d add a little simple math with a roll of the die to set up a simple addition activity!

Supplies Needed:

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How to Prepare & Play:

To set up this addition activity is very simple. Just get out your KORXX Limbo blocks and a die. Then your child can play by rolling the die and counting the cork blocks and stack them up!

Simple Addition Game with KORXX Blocks #sponsored

Benefits of Using KORXX Blocks for Simple Addition

Teaching addition to preschoolers and kindergarteners in a hands-on way not only makes it fun and playful but learning by doing, physically stacking the blocks will really help children to understand that adding two numbers together will give you a new, larger number. KORXX blocks are perfect for this!

stacking KORXX Limbo cork blocks for a simple addition activity

No matter how your children choose to play with KORXX blocks they will be working on so many creative, critical thinking and math skills while having fun! This is why we LOVE playing with KORXX blocks!

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