Valentine’s Day Mixed Media Heart Craft

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday full of love, crafts and books too! Caden is still learning about all the various holidays and reading books and doing crafts is a great way to do that! This month we read Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George! and made a simple mixed media heart craft!

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Valentine's Day Mixed Media Heart Craft, Read & Play at Stir the Wonder

We love Curious George books and Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George! was no exception! It’s a cute book about a Valentine’s Day party for George and his friends! It’s a great book to read to kids to show them how we celebrate this holiday by making Valentine’s and cookies to share with our friends and loved ones.


  • heart cut from cardboard or foam core board
  • tempera paints
  • stickers
  • glitter glue
  • other accessories (optional)

Mixed Media Heart 5

I am trying to do more open-ended art projects with Caden and for this project I provided Caden with a heart cutout, red, white and silver glitter paint as well as a paint brush. I set up our child-sized table in our brightly lit play area with a drop cloth sheet underneath and let Caden explore with the colors. Caden really enjoyed mixing up the colors to create a sparkly bright pink! And he learned to use the paint brush more gently so that the heart didn’t move around on the table. He was so proud of himself to covering the entire heart with paint!

Mixed Media Heart 3

We let the paint dry and the next afternoon Caden was able to add the finishing touches to his heart! I set up a tray on his small table with the painted heart, a bottle of purple glitter glue and a handful of foam heart stickers. Caden got right to work squeezing most of the glitter glue out on the heart in a big glob! I tried to encourage him to spread the glitter glue around, but he said he wanted to make a big glob, so I let it go! Caden also added some sticker hearts before he decided his masterpiece was finished!

Mixed Media Heart 4

This post is part of the Valentine’s Day Read and Play blog hop! Please visit  The Pleasantest Thing for more awesome Valentine’s Day Books and Play activities for kids! And this Read & Play board on Pinterest has tons of great book-inspired activities!

Mixed Media Heart 2


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  1. What a great way to get your kiddo involved in the holidays’

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