Fine Motor Space Alien

Happy Fine Motor Friday! It’s good for toddlers and preschooler to do a variety of fine motor activities. Having different activities helps work different fine motor muscles and hand coordination which is necessary for handwriting.

Last week we started the space theme with this Moon Dust Writing Tray which combines sensory play with mark making. This week I am sharing a fun Fine Motor Space Alien activity! I had so much fun creating this activity and Caden loved it!

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Toddlers and preschoolers will enjoy working on thier fine motor skills with this adorable Fine Motor Space Alien! | Fine Motor Fridays at Sir the Wonder

I first saw this idea on Miss Mancy’s Blog. Miss Mancy’s fine motor alien is much simpler so I thought it would be fun to make it more creative with different interchangeable parts, kind of like an alien Mr. Potato Head!


FMF alien 5

To make a fine motor Space Alien is really simple. First I cut out a round shape using the sticker backed craft foam. I used this foam because it is a little bit stiffer and won’t get weighed down by the clips as easily. You could also use cardboard. I drew a simple mouth on the alien head using permanent marker and placed a velcro dot in the center.

Fine Motor Space Alien

Then I drew different body parts on my colorful craft foam. I made some arms, sock-like legs, alien ears, some antenna, and different eyes. Once I cut out all the parts, I used my hot glue gun to attach googly eyes and the clothespins.

FMF alien 2

Caden had lots of fun with this activity. He loved creating his own space alien, and then got really excited when I showed him how he could create a different alien over and over again! He likes playing with his Mr. Potato Head, so this was right up his alley! And the whole time he was practicing fine motor skills by clipping and unclipping the clothespins! Attaching different features to the velcro also works on fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination!

 Happy Fine Motor Friday!


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