Shaving Cream Marbling Process Art Painting

I’m trying to make more of an effort to include process art in our weekly activities. Process art is different from standard art and crafts in that it’s all about the process and having fun rather than the outcome! A lot of the time process art can involve lots of movement from the artist and a bit of a mess! But it’s all in good fun, so I hope you’ll join me as we explore a new process art technique!

Last week we had fun creating art with a process known as shaving cream marbling painting! This is a great project for beginners because it is only a little bit messy and very tactile for sensory seekers! It also uses pretty common supplies so it’s very easy to prepare! Let’s get started!

Shaving Cream Marbling is a simple process art painting technique that will allow kids to get creative while exploring their tactile senses!

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For this project you’ll need a few common art and household supplies:

Shaving Cream Marbling Process Art Painting

How to Create Shaving Cream Marbling

  1. Cover your art surface area for easy clean up! A vinyl table-cloth works great!
  2. Fill your paint tray (a plastic egg carton or ice cube tray will work great!) with liquid water colors.
  3. Spray a layer of shaving cream foam into your shallow bin or tray.
  4. Using a dropper, squirt liquid watercolor paint to the shaving cream and then mix it up using a craft stick.
  5. Once the watercolors are swirled around nicely, press the paper into the shaving cream and gently lift it out.
  6. Then scrape the shaving cream off the paper with a craft stick to reveal the marbling and set it aside to dry.

Shaving Cream Marbling Process Art Painting for Kids

Once the paint has dried you can use the marbled papers for another art project such as collage or for any paper crafts such as card making! Or you can just display the pretty marbled paper like we did on our art wall!

For more fun Process Art ideas to do with your kids check out our Art & Crafts for Kids board on Pinterest!

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  1. What a fun activity for the kids! Just wanted to let you know that I’m featuring this at our weekly link party!

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